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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've had a busy week!

Hello lovely people, it seems ages since I came to talk to you. Did you think I'd forgotten you? It's been ever so busy here. First of all Jessica and Jack came with their mommy Deborah for a couple of days. Jessica doesn't really like dogs but me being so cute, little and fluffy I managed to get her to stroke me by the time she left. She still doesn't like dogs but I think she likes me just a little bit. Jack played with me a lot, he doesn't mind dogs. Deborah (she's my humans' daughter) liked me and talked nice to me and stroked me.

Then on Sunday Lottie came round to play. This is me greeting her at the gate:

I'm the one with my back (bottom ha ha) to the camera, you can see Lottie's face. Then we caught up with the latest news:

Then we had a chewy stick each:

Lottie thought mine must taste better so she pinched it off me. It didn't matter 'cos I then pinched hers:

On Monday some men came to dig up the garden and make it nice with some new paving. They're still here so I'll show you some pictures when they've finished. But I had a nice present:

It's a knotted rope and it's lovely. I can shake it and chew it and run round the room with it in my mouth. Mom wont let me chew the rugs or the chairs or any shoes so it's nice to have this to chew instead.

Lottie came again today. It's not rained today so we played in the yard for a bit and then she checked out my bedroom:

We both fitted in but didn't stay there for long:

We had a little run round the room. Can you see Tilly the cat on the chair? She said she thought she was seeing double and that one white bouncy ball of fluff is enough!

I asked Lottie if she wanted to share a chewy stick:

She said "No, it's mine, get your own". What a cheek, this is my house and it was my chewy stick!

But I gave her a kiss before she left 'cos she's my sister and I love her:

Then this afternoon I had to go and see Mr Vet for my second injection. I went in the car and I was a little bit sick on the way. Mr Vet looked in my ears and said they were a lot better and I didn't have to have the drops any more. Then he stuck the needle in my neck again like last time but I was really good and quiet and mommy cuddled me. I haven't got to go any more, I'm really glad about that. Mr Vet said I can go out in about 10 days so I suppose I'd better learn to like my lead. I was sick again in the car on the way back. There wasn't any carrots in it 'cos I didn't have carrots today only my Eukanuba for breakfast so it wasn't very much but mom had to wash my blanket. Oh, I forgot to say that my crate was put in the car and I travelled in there to keep me safe. It had my blanket in, that's where I was sick.

I was very quiet when I came back, I slept for a long time 'cos of my upset tummy and the needle but I'm OK again now. I've had my tea and a little play.

Phew, that was a lot to tell you. Bet you're fed up of me now aren't you. Thank you for coming, see you soon.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a mucky pup!

Actually I was called a mucky pup scruff bag! Pretty good eh?

My ears are messy 'cos the gunk the vet said I had has been coming out all week. I think my coat's getting a bit long too and goes all wavy even though I have it brushed every day.

Anyway, now that my ear drops have finished and my ears are nice and clean inside my humans said I needed a bath to make me look better. Flippin 'eck, I only had one last week! So I sat there and was quite good but I didn't really like it, I shivered a bit just to let mom know I wasn't too happy. Anyway it was soon over and I got dried and brushed and now I'm clean again.

What do you think? I was very sneaky and went outside in the yard and found a leaf to play with to mucky up my mouth again - ha ha ha! My ears aren't still properly nice and fluffy, mom says it was hard to wash them properly.

I've got some new visitors coming to see me today and stay for a few days. Jessica and Jack are coming to see their nanny and grandad and their mommy is bringing them. It will be nice to see some new humans.

Gotta go now, giraffey wants to play. Thank you for coming. See you soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I thought I'd re-arrange my bedroom!

Do you remember how my humans bought me that lovely pink blanket when I first came home? Well, when I first see them in the morning and do my special little happy dance for them, oooh this is a bit embarrassing ......... well I do a little dribble, you know, like I'm only little and I can't hold it, especially when I get excited. So my mommy thought she'd save the nice pink blanket for when I'm a bit older and go back to the blanket I brought with me, the one which has my doggie mom's smell on. Well, actually it's been washed since then but it's that one anyway.

But that's got nothing to do with re-arranging my bedroom, I just thought I'd tell you that 'cos I'm sure you're wondering why I've got a yellow blanket now when I had a pink one before.

Anyway, after trying different positions like this:

I decided that the yellow one isn't as soft as the pink one so I thought I'd try and do something about it. Maybe shake it up a bit.

I was just about to start when what did I find? Well, just look at this!

Another blummin' cat! What is it here? Cats on mom's apron, cats on my blanket, and even a cat that lives here who despite all my efforts still doesn't really want to be friends.

So I pushed the yellow blanket out of the way with my nose, then tried to puff the cat one up a bit. I didn't get any help you know, they just sat there watching me struggle!

It was quite tiring, I had to have a little rest half way through:

(Sorry about the stuff on top, I've got gunky ears according to the vet so I've got some ear drops and cotton wool balls to wipe them clean.)

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

What d'ya think? I tried it out but I'm not so sure now.

Mommy says I'm a little bigger, do you think I've grown already? Or did she say something about a bug? I'm a little bug? No, can't be, I'm a puppy aren't I?

Gotta go now, it's nearly time for bed.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I had a bath this morning!

I didn't know what was coming but I really didn't expect that! Yes, I was a little bit mucky but I suppose I'm lucky. My sister Lottie has lived with her humans for two weeks and has had three baths - shock horror - and I've been here 11 days and it's my first. Do you want to see what it was like?

Mmmm, I wonder why they've put me in this sink? Oh hello, there's Auntie Ellen outside the window. "Hello Auntie Ellen, I'm in the sink."

Oh, I'm all wet. Nobody said this was going to happen.

Did you see that? Did you see it? To add insult to injury mommy was wearing an apron with cats on it. CATS!!!!! I ask you! I think she'll have to get one with dogs on don't you?

Eeeee, I'm all wet and soggy now:

Oh that's a nice dry towel. I'm in there somewhere, can you see me:

Daddy held the hairdryer while mommy brushed me. If I don't get dried with a hair dryer my fur goes into tight little curls and gets knotted up. I was really good while being dried. Mommy was very careful to brush from underneath and hold my fur back while she just brushed a little bit at a time. I didn't wriggle at all and I didn't moan and it only took a few minutes:

There! What do you think? Do I look lovely or do I look lovely? I smell rather nice too:

All done now! We can go and have a doggy choc for being good:

Yummy, nice choccy:

Time for a snoozle now 'cos that fair wore me out! What do you think? Can you see my nice fluffy coat?

I'm not sure which was worse, having my temperature taken or having a bath!

Bye, see you soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Well, I don't know what to make of this!

The vet came today. She was very nice, her name was Nuala and she spoke really softly to me and said I was lovely. She looked me all over and said I had a fat tummy, well I hadn't long had my breakfast so my tummy was full. She listened to my heart with a stessy, erm stesso, erm stissypope, oh, mommy says it was a stethoscope. Anyway she listened for a long time and said my heart was racing - well wouldn't yours with a stranger having a good old look and poke around. Talking about poking around - she took my temperature - well I'm not going to tell you how she did it but I was rather surprised! I looked at mommy and she said it was OK and I was being a good girl.

Then she stuck this needle in the back of my neck but I didn't say anything, I was very brave. Nuala said I was really good and a nice quiet dog (she didn't see me tearing around the yard like a mad thing last night, ha ha ha!). I've got to have another needle in two weeks' time and then another few days and I can go out - hooray!

So this is what I've been doing most of the day:

Snoozing in my cubby hole. Nuala said I might be sleepy today. I'll make up for it tomorrow!!!

Oh, I nearly forgot. Tilly the cat bopped me on my nose this morning. All I did was go up to her when she was eating her breakfast and she didn't like it. I'll not do that again! I was quite pleased when she had to have an injection too - serves her right for bopping me!

I heard mommy say she has got some shampoo for me coming and that I will be having a bath soon. I wonder if I'll like it? I suppose I am a bit mucky, I'm supposed to be white but playing in the yard I do get a bit dirty.

I wore my collar and lead again yesterday. Daddy was holding the lead and mommy was calling me and I was walking up to her. She said I was good. I've also been learning to sit. That's quite good because mommy says sit and pushes my botty gently down while I look up to see what she has in her hand. It's usually a little piece of doggy choc and I get to eat it. We do that a few times every day. I like getting a little treat for doing a good job.

Gotta go now, it's nearly my tea time. See you soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's with this collar business?

Hello lovely people.

I've been at my new home a whole week now and I've decided I like it enough to stay here!

Because I am now going to bed without crying, and can go to the toilet in the tray or outside, today we tried something new. Not sure what to make of it, it was sort of fun. It only lasted five minutes and human mommy said we'd try again for a few minutes tomorrow 'cos it takes time. It's called collar and lead. Do you like my pink collar and lead? It's pink 'cos I'm a girl and it's my human mommy's favourite colour. It's also got little bones on it!

This is in our garden. My human mommy thought I was being very good:

Ha ha, fooled her:

Nope, I'm not moving:

That's enough for today, she said, so we went in and she took my collar off:

Then it was time for tummy tickles while I had a little chew on my chewy stick:

I've got a puppy Kong, it has little puppy biscuits in which I have to try and get out, it's lovely 'cos I can lick it but have to work hard to get the biscuits out the hole:

I usually am given this when Tilly the cat has her tea so that I don't bother her, she's still not very keen on me and wouldn't like me to get near her food.

It's all been such hard work, I was worn out and needed a sleep.

Thank you for coming, see you soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have you missed me?

Sorry it's been a few days since I came to talk to you, I've missed you.

I'm getting on really well. I really like it here. Last night I didn't cry at all, and the night before I only cried for five minutes, so my humans said I have settled in very quickly. It's very comfy and cosy in my crate and I know that if I have a nice sleep my humans will come back in the morning and I get a cuddle and breakfast.

I'm still being very good and go to the toilet in the litter tray. I was very sneaky the other day and when human daddy was the only person around I followed him into the lounge and did a little squirt on the carpet. I didn't get a doggy choc for that one like I do when I do it in the tray.

My human daddy has put a bolt on the gate so now I have a very secure yard at the side of the house to go out into. It has two slopes and my ball rolls down them and I chase it, it's great fun. It gives me some exercise until I can go for a proper walk. I have a little "busy" area where I went to the toilet outside for the first time this morning. My humans can wash it down every day to keep it clean. This is me in the yard this morning:

I also have a little garden at the back of the house. It has flowers and things so I can only go out there when someone is with me 'cos some flowers are poisonous and I have to learn not to eat them. But it's a nice place to play and there's a nice dog next door but one who I can play with when I've had my injections.

When human mommy goes on the computer I have a special little place where I like to go, there's a little cubby hole at the base of the computer cupboard and I can curl up in there, or my most favourite place is curled up at her feet 'cos she's got some pink fluffy slippers which are nice and cosy to cuddle up to, like this (that's where I am now):

Lottie came to play again yesterday, crikey she's rough! We chased each other and had a play fight, then played tug of war with a chewy stick. We had one each but preferred to play tug of war. Lottie had her first injection on Tuesday, I'm getting mine next Tuesday. The vet said to settle in for a week before I have it.

Gotta go 'cos human mommy is moving now, she says she's got some dusting to do, that could be fun as she's got a big pink fluffy stick to do it with - now if only I could get hold of that! I might just stay here and sleep though. See you soon.

I just came back to say that while human mommy did the ironing this afternoon, human daddy and I went out to play in the yard with my ball. We're both pooped now. This is me cuddled up to his feet.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Phew, I'm worn out!

My sister Lottie came to play again this morning, she's a bit of a bully 'cos she always ends up on top. I think it's because she lives with a big dog and they play really rough all the time.

Then some human friends came for a visit. I think the lady wanted to take me home with her 'cos she said I'd fit into her saddle bag!

Look what I had today:

I cried again last night and human mommy thought I might like some company when I go to bed so she got me this to cuddle up to. It's not furry so I can't pull pieces off and get them stuck in my mouth. I really like it because I can carry it round everywhere, it's got four legs, a tail, a nose, ears and a neck all of which fit nicely into my mouth! But not all at once, that would be silly!

I had lots of fun playing with it today:

Can you see my chewy stick? That tastes nicer than my rubber bone if my teeth need to chew something. You can see my toilet too, I'm being very good and go busy in there and when I do I get a little choccy button. Human mommy said it wont be long before I go outside to busy.

Gotta go now, it's nearly tea time. Come back soon 'cos I like talking to you.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a busy morning!

Oh, I was a bit scared last night! I was on my own for the first time and I didn't like it. I did call my humans but they didn't come to see me until it was time for breakfast. When I got up and had eaten some breakfast I was a good girl and went to the toilet in Tilly's litter tray, she doesn't use it. I went all on my own and was told I was a good girl and got a doggy choc. I don't think Tilly likes me very much, she stays away and had a little growl at me. I hope she wants to be friends soon.

This is my bed, it's called a crate.

It has my blanket in it and a puppy pad if I want a wee in the night but I didn't use it last night. The door is closed when everyone goes to bed, it keeps me feeling safe and I can't wander round. The rest of the time the door is always open and I can go in and out when I like. It's nice to go in there and have a snooze 'cos that tells everyone that I want some peace and quiet and they mustn't disturb me when I'm in there.

My sister Lottie came to play this morning. We had a lovely time chasing each other and it was nice to see her. She remembered me!

I was so tired afterwards that I went to bed and had a little nap.

I've got some new toys now, a lovely rubber bone for when my teeth need to chew something, a green ball that rolls along and I can chase it, and a funny ball that I can carry. Somebody keeps saying NO when I try to chew other things, not sure what it means at the moment but it is only my second day here.

Thank you for coming to see me, I hope you come back again sometime.