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Monday, July 29, 2013

Bad Hair Day and Fun on the beach

Well hello again peeps, bet you thought I'd got lost didn't you?  What do you think? Mom says I had a bad hair day:

I had another birthday, I'm 3 now and Mom says I've grown up a lot but I don't think I look any bigger do you?

We don't go anywhere very exciting or new so I've not really got much to tell you but I thought I'd show you what I did yesterday.

I like to get up early now it's light, Mom says it's silly o'clock but the mornings are light and the seagulls tap dance on the roof so what does she expect me to do?  I used to bark at 6 o'clock to let her know I was awake but I've got her trained now and I don't need to do it any more and she gets up on her own. Anyway we go out early so we can go on the beach before lots of people get there - as you know I'm not keen on those short people with little legs that run about and scream (I'm frightened of them but don't tell anyone). And it's been hot as well and I don't do hot very well so we go before it's too warm and we take some water to drink so we don't get thirsty.

So yesterday we walked along the beach, the tide was out and we had lots of beach to walk on and went as far as we could. Then I heard "Woof, woof", looked round and saw Tia my big fluffy Samoyed friend (she likes to talk a lot, I always know when she's around). So I ran and ran and splashed through the puddles and caught up with Tia and her mom:

Now Tia's mom always had treats in her pocket and she's such a softy she can't resist giving me one so I did my little dance for her then she gave me a yummy treat (I forgot my manners and pushed in front of Tia):

So we walked along, me and Tia doing the important stuff like sniffing and seeing if there's anything to eat (Tia's good at finding stuff, she particularly likes rubber gloves but I don't really understand why, I'd rather have poo but then my Mom says I'm a dirty mare), and the humans are busy chatting (they do an awful lot of that!). I got called back and I usually go 'cos I know I get a little bit of hot dog sausage as a reward if I do:

So after my sausage I went back to see what Tia was up to and we played chase in the sea then I came out and did my "Can I have another treat Aunty Barbara" pose (and it worked!):

So after that me and Tia run off and found a super duper puddle to play in. I'm not sure why the water only comes half way up Tia's legs and I nearly disappear altogether??? Anyway it was then time to go home but I was all drippy wet and someone said I was a mucky pup! How rude! But  do you know what happened then? Mom made me have a bath! She said something about it was the fourth time I'd done it this week and I was dirty and covered in sand and about time I had a bath. The bath's not too bad but I'm not so keen on the hairdryer but Mom says I look nice when I'm finished so I suppose you have to please the humans some time eh?

Well, I don't think I've got anything else to tell you this time. I'll try not to leave it so long before I come back and talk to you again.

Licky kisses, Poppy x