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PitaPata Dog tickers

Friday, March 25, 2011

I've had a pressie

Hello again. I'm feeling a lot better now. I slept a lot on Wednesday but by Wednesday night I was not sleepy any more. I had a couple of little walks which was nice but I don't know why I can't go and run on the beach. Mom said I've got to heal properly and I can't get sand in my incision. Guess I'll have to wait then but I had a nice walk round the little nature reserve today and met another Bichon, I was very good and didn't get all bouncy or jump up. I still keep licking my tummy but I haven't pulled any stitches out. If Mom catches me licking she says "Ah ah, leave it" so I give her the sideways white eyes look and then sulk ha ha!

The postman brought me a parcel this morning. It was a stag bar. Mom thought I deserved a present as I'd had my operation.

They are antlers from stags, they fall off naturally so they don't kill them just for the antlers. They are hard like bones and are really nice to gnaw on. Mom says they're good 'cos they're clean and don't muck the carpet up and they help keep my teeth clean. Would you like to see me with my stag bar?

I love my stag bar.

I had to go back to the vets this afternoon for her to check on my stitches. I was a bit worried I was going to be left there again so I hid under the chair. The vet laughed at me and tried to get me to come out. Mom told me she wouldn't leave me so I went into the other room and let the vet look at my tummy. She said it was very good. I still have to be careful for another week then I will have my stitches out.

The vet said to try ginger root capsules for my car sickness, so Mom took half of the powder out of a capsule and mixed it with some yogurt (yum!) and I licked that out of the bowl. I got all the way to the vets (nearly an hour) without being sick. We stopped on the way back to have a little walk at Dolgoch Falls but just a couple of minutes away from home I was sick. No food 'cos I hadn't eaten my brekkie this morning (I wasn't hungry) but I managed to projectile vomit quite a lot of bile. Mom said well done for going nearly two hours without being sick, then she washed the towels I sit on in the car.

Gotta go now, Mom has to go to bed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm not a happy puppy!

On Monday I went to Julie's to be groomed again. I was really mucky 'cos I love sliding in the sand on the beach when I chase my ball and even though Mom brushes me every day I still get dirty. This is me when I came back from Julie's - I pinched a chew stick while I was there but she didn't mind, she let me bring it home:

My coat is nice this length 'cos there isn't much to get tangled up and it doesn't take long to brush me.

Now Tuesday was a different story. We went for a ride in the car, I went almost an hour before I was sick but I didn't have any brekkie. I didn't know it but we were going to the vets for me to get spayed. We sat waiting and a poor doggie came in who had eaten rat poison and they had to make her sick - bluegh - I know all about sick! Then it was my turn and we went into a room to talk to a lady while I sat on the table. Mom signed a form then went away. I was taken into another room and put into a crate for a while. I missed my Mom and Dad and was barking and crying for them.

Later on I was taken for my operation, I can't tell you anything about it 'cos I was asleep but I didn't like having the needle in my paw. The vet said I was a drama queen, not sure what that means but my Mom said I'm not at home. I just wanted my Mom and Dad.

This was my tummy before:

and this is my tummy now:

Can you see the stitches where they sewed me up? I keep trying to get at them 'cos I don't like them and I've got a sore tummy and it's making me jump. The vet forgot to do my microchip when I was asleep and said she wouldn't do it when I was awake because I was very sensitive and it would traumatise me.

I was very tired when Mom and Dad came back to fetch me and when we got home I went onto my mattress:

Then I asked to go on the sofa:

I couldn't get comfortable so I went back on the carpet and had a big snoozle on there.

The vet didn't put a collar on me (you know, like a bucket on your head) 'cos she said it would traumatise me again. So Mom altered a little t-shirt for me and I had that on last night. This is me when I went to bed, then Mom and Dad went to bed:

Do you like my t-shirt? I don't! It didn't quite cover my tummy and Mom says she thinks I have licked my stitches - ha ha - not telling her! Anyway, I tried to get it off but only managed to get my front paws out, so instead I went into my crate and got my blanket out and dragged it round the room!

I've had my breakfast but I'm still sleepy and feeling sorry for myself. I need another nap now so I've got to go.

See you soon. Woofs and kisses X X

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lots to tell you

I'm sitting here crunching my carrot and I thought I'd come along and tell you what's been going on lately.

First of all, here's me and my lovely carrot:

They're very good for fibre you know! I get them grated into my food as well, and some other veggies, but I really enjoyed having a whole one to crunch today. I get dried tripe sticks sometimes and they are yummy too but mom says they are stinky!

Now I can tell you about my Poochie Bells. This is what Poochie Bells are:

They hang from the door handle and when I want to go outside to the toilet (or just to sit and watch the world go by 'cos that's a favourite thing of mine) then I ring the bells with my nose and mom or dad comes and opens the door for me. When I first had them they had to teach me to do it and said "Outside - ring the bell" and would open the door. It took me a little while to understand what it was all about but now I've got the hang of it it's really good, they can be in another room and they hear the bells and come and open the door. This is me ringing the bells:

Now, what else was there? Oh yes, I've been on a train, twice! Do you remember me telling you how I was always sick in the car if we went very far? Well, I'm still no better even when I know we're going somewhere nice to play. Now, I've got to have an operation next week (it's called spaying) and mom and dad don't like the local vets. The other vets are an hour's drive away and I would be really icky sicky if I went that far. It's only half an hour on the train to the new vets so we did a trial run last week. Only two stations the first time which took about 8 minutes, then we had a walk round and came back half an hour later. Then the other day we went all the way to the new vets on the train, went and said hello to them and made my appointment for my operation, had a long walk around then the half hour train journey back. I quite like riding on the train, I don't feel sick and I'm very good 'cos I sit on mom's lap and look through the window.

Got to go now, I've got to have a little bark at the window cleaner. I'll come back and tell you all about my operation next week.

Love and woofs and licky kisses.