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Friday, March 25, 2011

I've had a pressie

Hello again. I'm feeling a lot better now. I slept a lot on Wednesday but by Wednesday night I was not sleepy any more. I had a couple of little walks which was nice but I don't know why I can't go and run on the beach. Mom said I've got to heal properly and I can't get sand in my incision. Guess I'll have to wait then but I had a nice walk round the little nature reserve today and met another Bichon, I was very good and didn't get all bouncy or jump up. I still keep licking my tummy but I haven't pulled any stitches out. If Mom catches me licking she says "Ah ah, leave it" so I give her the sideways white eyes look and then sulk ha ha!

The postman brought me a parcel this morning. It was a stag bar. Mom thought I deserved a present as I'd had my operation.

They are antlers from stags, they fall off naturally so they don't kill them just for the antlers. They are hard like bones and are really nice to gnaw on. Mom says they're good 'cos they're clean and don't muck the carpet up and they help keep my teeth clean. Would you like to see me with my stag bar?

I love my stag bar.

I had to go back to the vets this afternoon for her to check on my stitches. I was a bit worried I was going to be left there again so I hid under the chair. The vet laughed at me and tried to get me to come out. Mom told me she wouldn't leave me so I went into the other room and let the vet look at my tummy. She said it was very good. I still have to be careful for another week then I will have my stitches out.

The vet said to try ginger root capsules for my car sickness, so Mom took half of the powder out of a capsule and mixed it with some yogurt (yum!) and I licked that out of the bowl. I got all the way to the vets (nearly an hour) without being sick. We stopped on the way back to have a little walk at Dolgoch Falls but just a couple of minutes away from home I was sick. No food 'cos I hadn't eaten my brekkie this morning (I wasn't hungry) but I managed to projectile vomit quite a lot of bile. Mom said well done for going nearly two hours without being sick, then she washed the towels I sit on in the car.

Gotta go now, Mom has to go to bed.

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