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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm not a happy puppy!

On Monday I went to Julie's to be groomed again. I was really mucky 'cos I love sliding in the sand on the beach when I chase my ball and even though Mom brushes me every day I still get dirty. This is me when I came back from Julie's - I pinched a chew stick while I was there but she didn't mind, she let me bring it home:

My coat is nice this length 'cos there isn't much to get tangled up and it doesn't take long to brush me.

Now Tuesday was a different story. We went for a ride in the car, I went almost an hour before I was sick but I didn't have any brekkie. I didn't know it but we were going to the vets for me to get spayed. We sat waiting and a poor doggie came in who had eaten rat poison and they had to make her sick - bluegh - I know all about sick! Then it was my turn and we went into a room to talk to a lady while I sat on the table. Mom signed a form then went away. I was taken into another room and put into a crate for a while. I missed my Mom and Dad and was barking and crying for them.

Later on I was taken for my operation, I can't tell you anything about it 'cos I was asleep but I didn't like having the needle in my paw. The vet said I was a drama queen, not sure what that means but my Mom said I'm not at home. I just wanted my Mom and Dad.

This was my tummy before:

and this is my tummy now:

Can you see the stitches where they sewed me up? I keep trying to get at them 'cos I don't like them and I've got a sore tummy and it's making me jump. The vet forgot to do my microchip when I was asleep and said she wouldn't do it when I was awake because I was very sensitive and it would traumatise me.

I was very tired when Mom and Dad came back to fetch me and when we got home I went onto my mattress:

Then I asked to go on the sofa:

I couldn't get comfortable so I went back on the carpet and had a big snoozle on there.

The vet didn't put a collar on me (you know, like a bucket on your head) 'cos she said it would traumatise me again. So Mom altered a little t-shirt for me and I had that on last night. This is me when I went to bed, then Mom and Dad went to bed:

Do you like my t-shirt? I don't! It didn't quite cover my tummy and Mom says she thinks I have licked my stitches - ha ha - not telling her! Anyway, I tried to get it off but only managed to get my front paws out, so instead I went into my crate and got my blanket out and dragged it round the room!

I've had my breakfast but I'm still sleepy and feeling sorry for myself. I need another nap now so I've got to go.

See you soon. Woofs and kisses X X


  1. Aahh! You poor little girl I love looking at your photo's and reading all about your day. I do hope you feel better soon - I'm sure you will. Be good for your Mum & Dad. xx

  2. Ahh Poppy you look so comfy on the sofa! Hope you feel more like yourself soon :) x

  3. I like your t-shirt Poppy. Glad to hear you got on OK at the vet. Jaqui x


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