PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Burfday to Me ...........

Oooh, I's so excited......... today is my burfday and I am one whole year old!

I had some pressies, wanna see?

I had a lion with 19 squeakers (I like squeakers) off Daddy (well, his credit card paid for it!), Mommy bought me a bubble wand and the bully sticks (don't ask - you'll have to google them!) and some sea jerky. Then Auntie Angie bought me the doggie with two heads and a tinkly bell inside.

I've spent most of the day so far eating one of the bully sticks:

And here's my doggie:

And my lion:

And we went into the garden to play with the bubbles:

Daddy's going to make me some liver cake later on but he's busy in the storeroom at the moment swearing and making a noise 'cos he's making room for a freezer. I don't know what some of the words mean but they sound naughty!

I hope you get nice things for your burfday.

I gotta go now 'cos eating that bully stick has made me really tired and I have to get my energy back so I can go on the beach later.

Thank you for coming to see me on my burfday. Gonna snoozle now. Licks and kisses.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you want to see what I had for tea?

Hello humans and doggie friends. I've just remembered that I promised you I would show you what I get to eat now.

I used to eat Naturediet and it was very nice but I never used to sit and wait for it, I always had to be called but I did eat it all. Now I have raw food and oh my! it's so yummy. You have to have a balanced diet so for my breakfast I have special minced meats that comes with bones and offal added. Then for my tea I have either meaty bones or meaty chunks or sardines or mackerel. I also have some blended veggies, Mom puts them in the whizzer and they get chopped up really small and I have carrots, swede, parsnips, green beans, mange tout. There are other veggies I can have, it just depends on what Mom gets. Sometimes I also get an egg or some natural live yoghurt. I don't have to be called for my meals any more, I sit and wait at Mom or Dad's feet while they put it in my dish. And I have two drawers in the freezer just for my food.

Here is one of the drawers:

Inside there are my special minced meats which are chicken; rabbit; duck; turkey; chicken and tripe; lamb and some tripe. There is also a big bag of chicken portions and my veggies are in there too.

This is my turkey mince and veggie breakfast:

and tonight I had chicken chunks with some tripe and veggies:

These are my chicken portions:

Pulling the meat off the bones and crunching the bones keep my teeth all sparkly and white and I don't have to have them cleaned.

I love my food. Would you like to come and have tea with me sometime?

It's my first birthday at the end of the month, Mom says she doesn't know where the time has gone. I don't know either but then I don't know what time is. She says she got me a special present that I will really like. Do you want to come back and see what I get? I'll get Mom to take a photo and then I can show you. I hope you'll come back and see me on my birthday.

Woofs and licks.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you like being out in the rain?

Just thought I'd ask if you like being in the rain. I don't mind a bit of rain but tonight Mom and I were walking, it was nice and sunny when we went out but then it went dark and it rained really heavy like hail stones. It was bouncing off the floor and I got soaked, it frightened me and I ran all the way home.

But I don't mind getting wet when I go in the sea:

Got myself into a bit of a mess didn't I, LOL!!! It was great fun. I went to the beach with my sister Lottie and Sally the Labradoodle (they belong to my Mom's son) and Sally ran into the sea and Lottie and I ran after her. Lottie chickened out a bit and didn't go in very far but I ran right in and jumped over the waves and everything. Mom kept blowing the whistle for me to go back but I pretended I was deaf and ignored her. Then when I got out of the water I lay down in the sand and got really mucky ha ha!

There was only one thing that spoiled it. When we got home I was dripping wet and very dirty and Mom gave me a bath then dried me. I looked all nice and fluffy and clean after though:

Mom said that was better. I did feel nice but I had so much fun in the sea I went back and did it again the next day when I went out to play with Lottie and Sally again ha ha!

Then when I went to the beach this morning (just me and the humans) I chased some seagulls and ended up in the sea again. So that's twice I got wet today. Mom said something about giving me another bath tomorrow. I think I may have to go and hide.

Now would you like to see a present I had the other day? It's a water fountain. I've always liked drinking from taps and the hosepipe, and when Mom fills the birdbath and it overflows I like to catch the water so she got me one of these:

I wasn't quite sure what it was at first. It made a funny trickling sound so I just watched it for a bit. Then I went over to have a closer look:

It seemed alright so I had a sniff:

And then I had a taste:

It's really nice to drink running water, I love my water fountain. I let Tilly the cat drink from it but she only drinks from the bowl at the bottom not the waterfall, she's silly!

I'll have to go now because it's my bedtime. I have to get up early and bark to let Mom and Dad know that it's light 'cos the sun comes out earlier in the morning now. Dad really likes getting up at 5.30am but some days I let him lie in until 6.30am.

Woofs and licks X

Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you go down to the woods today

You wont believe what you see
Lots of lovely bluebells
And gorgeous little me!

Hello lovely humans, I want to tell you about what I did today.

Well, we've had lots of wind the last couple of days and today it was really gusty winds all day. We normally go to the beach and I have a lovely run but it was so windy it was like a sandstorm. When it's like that it gets in your hair and your mouth and your eyes so we couldn't go there today. So we went to the woods instead, only 10 minutes in the car (no, I wasn't sick, I can do 10 minutes) and it was full of bluebells. Don't forget to clicky on the pictures if you want to see them bigger:

Isn't that pretty? And they smelled nice too. Want to see some more?

This is where we started off, Mom is in front. She didn't really need her coat as it was so sheltered and warm but she found the pockets useful for my treats and lead and stuff. Can you see my harness? I hate it. I refuse to walk with it on and just lie down. Mom keeps trying every so often but I prefer my collar so I'm not going anywhere with my harness on. I lay down just after this photo was taken and let them go on without me. They soon gave up and came back and took it off:

Here I am with Dad. Can you see the little stream, there were lots of bluebells on the other side:

Dad playing hide and seek but I found him:

I paddled across the stream:

Come on Mom, hurry up:

I was snuffling in all the leaves and ended up with them all over my face and ears:

I also found some dog poo and ate it. Mom said "Drop it" but I wouldn't and I ran away with it. She wouldn't let me kiss her later on, I wonder why? Anyway, she said I had a stinky bum tonight - I wondered what the smell was 'cos I've never pop-popped before. They had to open the window and door and light a candle. Perhaps I'd better not eat any more, I don't think I was too popular tonight.

It's still really windy now so I didn't get to the beach tonight either, we went to the nature reserve instead 'cos there's no sand there. I hope I can go back to the beach tomorrow.

Come back soon, I want to tell you all about my new food.

Woofs and puppy cuddles.