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Friday, May 20, 2011

Do you want to see what I had for tea?

Hello humans and doggie friends. I've just remembered that I promised you I would show you what I get to eat now.

I used to eat Naturediet and it was very nice but I never used to sit and wait for it, I always had to be called but I did eat it all. Now I have raw food and oh my! it's so yummy. You have to have a balanced diet so for my breakfast I have special minced meats that comes with bones and offal added. Then for my tea I have either meaty bones or meaty chunks or sardines or mackerel. I also have some blended veggies, Mom puts them in the whizzer and they get chopped up really small and I have carrots, swede, parsnips, green beans, mange tout. There are other veggies I can have, it just depends on what Mom gets. Sometimes I also get an egg or some natural live yoghurt. I don't have to be called for my meals any more, I sit and wait at Mom or Dad's feet while they put it in my dish. And I have two drawers in the freezer just for my food.

Here is one of the drawers:

Inside there are my special minced meats which are chicken; rabbit; duck; turkey; chicken and tripe; lamb and some tripe. There is also a big bag of chicken portions and my veggies are in there too.

This is my turkey mince and veggie breakfast:

and tonight I had chicken chunks with some tripe and veggies:

These are my chicken portions:

Pulling the meat off the bones and crunching the bones keep my teeth all sparkly and white and I don't have to have them cleaned.

I love my food. Would you like to come and have tea with me sometime?

It's my first birthday at the end of the month, Mom says she doesn't know where the time has gone. I don't know either but then I don't know what time is. She says she got me a special present that I will really like. Do you want to come back and see what I get? I'll get Mom to take a photo and then I can show you. I hope you'll come back and see me on my birthday.

Woofs and licks.


  1. Hello Poppy! Your food looks yummy, my mum was talking about changing my diet yesterday to incorporate more veg (i think shes hoping that if i eat less additives and more natural ingredients etc I might sleep better) Do you eat the chicken /mince raw or does your mum cook it for you first?
    I don't really like my food and when my breakfast is put down i sometimes take all day to eat it. But last week my mum put some cooked carrot that was spare from dinner in my bowl and i cleared the lot.

  2. Hiya Harry. Tell your Mom that my Mom has sent her a message on PF.


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