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Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you like being out in the rain?

Just thought I'd ask if you like being in the rain. I don't mind a bit of rain but tonight Mom and I were walking, it was nice and sunny when we went out but then it went dark and it rained really heavy like hail stones. It was bouncing off the floor and I got soaked, it frightened me and I ran all the way home.

But I don't mind getting wet when I go in the sea:

Got myself into a bit of a mess didn't I, LOL!!! It was great fun. I went to the beach with my sister Lottie and Sally the Labradoodle (they belong to my Mom's son) and Sally ran into the sea and Lottie and I ran after her. Lottie chickened out a bit and didn't go in very far but I ran right in and jumped over the waves and everything. Mom kept blowing the whistle for me to go back but I pretended I was deaf and ignored her. Then when I got out of the water I lay down in the sand and got really mucky ha ha!

There was only one thing that spoiled it. When we got home I was dripping wet and very dirty and Mom gave me a bath then dried me. I looked all nice and fluffy and clean after though:

Mom said that was better. I did feel nice but I had so much fun in the sea I went back and did it again the next day when I went out to play with Lottie and Sally again ha ha!

Then when I went to the beach this morning (just me and the humans) I chased some seagulls and ended up in the sea again. So that's twice I got wet today. Mom said something about giving me another bath tomorrow. I think I may have to go and hide.

Now would you like to see a present I had the other day? It's a water fountain. I've always liked drinking from taps and the hosepipe, and when Mom fills the birdbath and it overflows I like to catch the water so she got me one of these:

I wasn't quite sure what it was at first. It made a funny trickling sound so I just watched it for a bit. Then I went over to have a closer look:

It seemed alright so I had a sniff:

And then I had a taste:

It's really nice to drink running water, I love my water fountain. I let Tilly the cat drink from it but she only drinks from the bowl at the bottom not the waterfall, she's silly!

I'll have to go now because it's my bedtime. I have to get up early and bark to let Mom and Dad know that it's light 'cos the sun comes out earlier in the morning now. Dad really likes getting up at 5.30am but some days I let him lie in until 6.30am.

Woofs and licks X

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  1. Sounds like you are having a whale of a time! If I were your Mum I'd have to get you some blackout blinds 'cos I don't like to get up until the streets are aired. Please say a big thank you to your Mum for the fab card she sent me for my birthday - don't know how she finds the time after giving you all those baths xxx


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