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Sunday, May 1, 2011

If you go down to the woods today

You wont believe what you see
Lots of lovely bluebells
And gorgeous little me!

Hello lovely humans, I want to tell you about what I did today.

Well, we've had lots of wind the last couple of days and today it was really gusty winds all day. We normally go to the beach and I have a lovely run but it was so windy it was like a sandstorm. When it's like that it gets in your hair and your mouth and your eyes so we couldn't go there today. So we went to the woods instead, only 10 minutes in the car (no, I wasn't sick, I can do 10 minutes) and it was full of bluebells. Don't forget to clicky on the pictures if you want to see them bigger:

Isn't that pretty? And they smelled nice too. Want to see some more?

This is where we started off, Mom is in front. She didn't really need her coat as it was so sheltered and warm but she found the pockets useful for my treats and lead and stuff. Can you see my harness? I hate it. I refuse to walk with it on and just lie down. Mom keeps trying every so often but I prefer my collar so I'm not going anywhere with my harness on. I lay down just after this photo was taken and let them go on without me. They soon gave up and came back and took it off:

Here I am with Dad. Can you see the little stream, there were lots of bluebells on the other side:

Dad playing hide and seek but I found him:

I paddled across the stream:

Come on Mom, hurry up:

I was snuffling in all the leaves and ended up with them all over my face and ears:

I also found some dog poo and ate it. Mom said "Drop it" but I wouldn't and I ran away with it. She wouldn't let me kiss her later on, I wonder why? Anyway, she said I had a stinky bum tonight - I wondered what the smell was 'cos I've never pop-popped before. They had to open the window and door and light a candle. Perhaps I'd better not eat any more, I don't think I was too popular tonight.

It's still really windy now so I didn't get to the beach tonight either, we went to the nature reserve instead 'cos there's no sand there. I hope I can go back to the beach tomorrow.

Come back soon, I want to tell you all about my new food.

Woofs and puppy cuddles.

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