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Friday, April 8, 2011

What a tiring day!

The weather has been really lovely here today so we went for a really loooooooong walk in the woods this morning. The bluebells aren't out yet but there are squillions of dead leaves and they make lovely rustly sounds when you run through them.

We walked round to get to the car - I don't like going in the car and when I saw it I plonked my botty on the ground and thought "No way - it's Friday and there's the car", the last two Fridays we've gone out in the car and I ended up at the vets. There was no way I wanted to go again today. Well I did walk to the car eventually but I made Mom and Dad wait for me! Anyway, we turned left out of the road instead of right so I knew it wasn't the vets.

It took ten minutes to drive to the woods (oh goody - not enough time to be sick!) then five minutes walk and there we were. Acres and acres for me to run and sniff, I didn't meet any dogs today, it was just us. I also had a paddle in the stream and had a lovely drink from it, it was nice and cool and tasted lovely. Silly Mom and Dad didn't take the camera, I'll tell them to take it next time.

We walked in the woods for about 45 minutes then started to walk back. On the last little bit where the path joins the lane, guess what I did? Bet you can't! I saw some horse poo and tasted it - ha ha, Mom said I was a dirty girl. Then as we walked down the lane I went on the grass verge and found a sticky dog poo and wiped my face in it. The humans weren't too please about that I can tell you! Mom said "Bath for you when we get home" and she meant it too!

So I had a bath, was quite good being washed, but I don't really like the hairdryer so played up a bit then. After I was dried I was really really pooped so I jumped up on my special little bed that goes on the sofa and had a really big snoozle in the sun.

Hey, did you see my operation scar? It's one week since my stitches came out and two and a half weeks since my operation. It's looking quite neat don't you think? Here's a closer photo.

If you clicky on the photo it makes it bigger and you can see better. Do you like my spotty tummy?

We went for a walk on the beach tonight, there was a sea mist so it was a bit cold and you couldn't see very far. We were out for 45 minutes and it was dark when we got back.

I've had a busy day and I'm tired now so I think I might go to bed.

Night night, licky kisses (I don't smell of horse poo now!).

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun Poppy.I love walks in the woods the best! Im still a little bit unsure of other dogs so I can get a bit scared but I know in the woods its just me and my mum and dad and I can run and run, I never let them get too far ahead or behind me either. My dad says im a good boy :)

    Lots of licks,


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