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PitaPata Dog tickers

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Woo hoo! I've had my stitches out!

I had to go back to the vets yesterday, I really didn't want to go in there but I'm glad I did as I had my stitches out. It didn't hurt and I feel so much better now 'cos they were a bit tight. I still have stitches inside my tummy but they will dissolve. Wanna see my tummy?

Can you see where the stitches were? Mom asked the vet if I could run around again now and she said yes, even at 90mph on the beach - yay! She said I could even skateboard if I wanted to - now that's really silly 'cos I've only just learned to ride my bike and I haven't got a skateboard yet - ha ha! And guess what I did on the way back - I was sick (yuk). Even though I had half a ginger root capsule! I wasn't sick on the way there so that was good 'cos it's nearly an hour's drive away but I really couldn't help it on the way back.

So I went to the beach this morning, there were quite a few people and dogs there but I met up with my friend Ruby (she's a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and she's really tiny) and we had a little play and run around together. I didn't run and play as much as I normally do, I think my inside stitches are making me a bit uncomfortable. I played a bit then lay down, then walked a bit and lay down, then played a bit more. On the walk back home I met a Jack Russell Terrier and we sniffed noses but he barked at me, that wasn't nice was it? I had a lovely long snooze when I got back.

Oooh, I gotta go, Dad wants to play, I suppose I'd better go and keep him amused!

Cuddles and licky kisses to you. Thank you for coming to see me.


  1. Oooo! I wish I was near enough to tickle that tummy! Well Done for not being sick on the way TO the vets x

  2. I'm so pleased you're doing ok Poppy and that the vet took your stitches out. I bet you had fun on the beach. Jaqui x


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