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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Well, would you look at that! It's nearly two weeks since I came to talk to you and I don't know where the time has gone. Lots of things have happened. Do you want to hear about them?

Well, first of all, I can now go out as I've finished my injections. I don't like having my collar and lead put on though, I go and hide but always get found.

Can you see me in this next one? I think I nearly pulled it off!

Once I'm outside I quite like going for a walk. There's lots of things to stop and sniff but I'm not sure I like lots of people and the traffic. Mom says it will be quieter soon when people don't come for their holidays any more. I think I'll like it better when it's quieter. I don't pull on my lead but Mom says I've got to learn to stay on one side and not just wander all over the place. I told her I'm still a baby and have a lot to learn.

She was going to take me to the socialisation and vet friendly class at Mr Vets but when she rung up to book me in there were no other dogs booked in. There wasn't really much point in going if it was only me was there, there would be no socialising with other dogs would there? They said they would ring when someone else books in. I'll like that 'cos I like to see other dogs. Especially Lottie. She's been round to play loads of times. This is Lottie and me playing under the chair:

I don't think we'll be able to fit under there much longer! We're getting big now.

This is Lottie when she was 8 weeks old, lying on her mom's lap (her mom's only titchy!):

And this is me on my mom's lap the other day (five weeks later):

Oh, do you want to know why I was like that on mom's lap? Well, we went out in the car (I was sick again, yuk!) and while dad was in the shop mom walked me round the car park. When I got home I was chewing my foot and mom had a look and I'd trodden in some chewing gum and it was all stuck between my toes! How yukky is that - it's worse than being sick. It took mom an hour to try and get the chewing gum out. She had to pull out as much as she could and then she had to cut all the fur right down on my feet and between my toes. She was ever so gentle and careful, and I ended up going to sleep while she was doing it.

I've got a new garden now too. The men came and took the old walls and slabs away and put down this nice new one. Here's me checking out that they'd done it properly:

This is how big it is, there's lots of room for me to wander round but I'm not allowed to go out there on my own, someone has to be with me so I don't eat anything I shouldn't:

I went in the car again today, only a short ride (to try and get me used to the car and not be sick). We went just 5 minutes up the road to where there's a picnic area and then some woods. It was too muddy in the woods so I just played in the picnic field but the grass was all wet and I got a bit mucky, especially my tummy as my legs are only little. I've been brushed now so I'm all clean and tidy again but I'm pooped! I feel a big snoozle coming on so I'm going now. Thank you for coming, see you soon.

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  1. Awww, I love those pics of you asleep, you look so peaceful. So sorry you aren't liking the car :-(


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