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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've had a busy week!

Hello lovely people, it seems ages since I came to talk to you. Did you think I'd forgotten you? It's been ever so busy here. First of all Jessica and Jack came with their mommy Deborah for a couple of days. Jessica doesn't really like dogs but me being so cute, little and fluffy I managed to get her to stroke me by the time she left. She still doesn't like dogs but I think she likes me just a little bit. Jack played with me a lot, he doesn't mind dogs. Deborah (she's my humans' daughter) liked me and talked nice to me and stroked me.

Then on Sunday Lottie came round to play. This is me greeting her at the gate:

I'm the one with my back (bottom ha ha) to the camera, you can see Lottie's face. Then we caught up with the latest news:

Then we had a chewy stick each:

Lottie thought mine must taste better so she pinched it off me. It didn't matter 'cos I then pinched hers:

On Monday some men came to dig up the garden and make it nice with some new paving. They're still here so I'll show you some pictures when they've finished. But I had a nice present:

It's a knotted rope and it's lovely. I can shake it and chew it and run round the room with it in my mouth. Mom wont let me chew the rugs or the chairs or any shoes so it's nice to have this to chew instead.

Lottie came again today. It's not rained today so we played in the yard for a bit and then she checked out my bedroom:

We both fitted in but didn't stay there for long:

We had a little run round the room. Can you see Tilly the cat on the chair? She said she thought she was seeing double and that one white bouncy ball of fluff is enough!

I asked Lottie if she wanted to share a chewy stick:

She said "No, it's mine, get your own". What a cheek, this is my house and it was my chewy stick!

But I gave her a kiss before she left 'cos she's my sister and I love her:

Then this afternoon I had to go and see Mr Vet for my second injection. I went in the car and I was a little bit sick on the way. Mr Vet looked in my ears and said they were a lot better and I didn't have to have the drops any more. Then he stuck the needle in my neck again like last time but I was really good and quiet and mommy cuddled me. I haven't got to go any more, I'm really glad about that. Mr Vet said I can go out in about 10 days so I suppose I'd better learn to like my lead. I was sick again in the car on the way back. There wasn't any carrots in it 'cos I didn't have carrots today only my Eukanuba for breakfast so it wasn't very much but mom had to wash my blanket. Oh, I forgot to say that my crate was put in the car and I travelled in there to keep me safe. It had my blanket in, that's where I was sick.

I was very quiet when I came back, I slept for a long time 'cos of my upset tummy and the needle but I'm OK again now. I've had my tea and a little play.

Phew, that was a lot to tell you. Bet you're fed up of me now aren't you. Thank you for coming, see you soon.

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  1. How lovely to have your sister come to play with you it certainly looks like you were having fun with your chew sticks. It's sooo much better for you than chewing shoes! We had a little dog and she chewed my school shoes(I only had one pair) but I still had to go to school! My Mum got them repaired 'cos it cost too much to get new ones. If it rained my socks went orange from the patch.


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