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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Have you missed me?

Sorry it's been a few days since I came to talk to you, I've missed you.

I'm getting on really well. I really like it here. Last night I didn't cry at all, and the night before I only cried for five minutes, so my humans said I have settled in very quickly. It's very comfy and cosy in my crate and I know that if I have a nice sleep my humans will come back in the morning and I get a cuddle and breakfast.

I'm still being very good and go to the toilet in the litter tray. I was very sneaky the other day and when human daddy was the only person around I followed him into the lounge and did a little squirt on the carpet. I didn't get a doggy choc for that one like I do when I do it in the tray.

My human daddy has put a bolt on the gate so now I have a very secure yard at the side of the house to go out into. It has two slopes and my ball rolls down them and I chase it, it's great fun. It gives me some exercise until I can go for a proper walk. I have a little "busy" area where I went to the toilet outside for the first time this morning. My humans can wash it down every day to keep it clean. This is me in the yard this morning:

I also have a little garden at the back of the house. It has flowers and things so I can only go out there when someone is with me 'cos some flowers are poisonous and I have to learn not to eat them. But it's a nice place to play and there's a nice dog next door but one who I can play with when I've had my injections.

When human mommy goes on the computer I have a special little place where I like to go, there's a little cubby hole at the base of the computer cupboard and I can curl up in there, or my most favourite place is curled up at her feet 'cos she's got some pink fluffy slippers which are nice and cosy to cuddle up to, like this (that's where I am now):

Lottie came to play again yesterday, crikey she's rough! We chased each other and had a play fight, then played tug of war with a chewy stick. We had one each but preferred to play tug of war. Lottie had her first injection on Tuesday, I'm getting mine next Tuesday. The vet said to settle in for a week before I have it.

Gotta go 'cos human mommy is moving now, she says she's got some dusting to do, that could be fun as she's got a big pink fluffy stick to do it with - now if only I could get hold of that! I might just stay here and sleep though. See you soon.

I just came back to say that while human mommy did the ironing this afternoon, human daddy and I went out to play in the yard with my ball. We're both pooped now. This is me cuddled up to his feet.


  1. Oh Poppy, you are so cute!

    Be good :o)


  2. Poppy you are gorgeous!! I really like the pics of you cuddled up next to your human mommy and daddy's feet. Jaqui x


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