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Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a busy morning!

Oh, I was a bit scared last night! I was on my own for the first time and I didn't like it. I did call my humans but they didn't come to see me until it was time for breakfast. When I got up and had eaten some breakfast I was a good girl and went to the toilet in Tilly's litter tray, she doesn't use it. I went all on my own and was told I was a good girl and got a doggy choc. I don't think Tilly likes me very much, she stays away and had a little growl at me. I hope she wants to be friends soon.

This is my bed, it's called a crate.

It has my blanket in it and a puppy pad if I want a wee in the night but I didn't use it last night. The door is closed when everyone goes to bed, it keeps me feeling safe and I can't wander round. The rest of the time the door is always open and I can go in and out when I like. It's nice to go in there and have a snooze 'cos that tells everyone that I want some peace and quiet and they mustn't disturb me when I'm in there.

My sister Lottie came to play this morning. We had a lovely time chasing each other and it was nice to see her. She remembered me!

I was so tired afterwards that I went to bed and had a little nap.

I've got some new toys now, a lovely rubber bone for when my teeth need to chew something, a green ball that rolls along and I can chase it, and a funny ball that I can carry. Somebody keeps saying NO when I try to chew other things, not sure what it means at the moment but it is only my second day here.

Thank you for coming to see me, I hope you come back again sometime.


  1. You are so cute, I want a cuddle, so glad you got on ok in your crate, it looks very comfy xxx

  2. Hello Poppy! Woof Woof! Has anyone told you how gorgeous you are? I bet they have. Your crate looks a very good place to sleep and your humans are very wise to have got one for you. I'm looking forward to reading more about your new life at the seaside, so write again soon xx

  3. Aww this is sweet. My dog has a crate and has done since day one. He knows when it is time for bed and pops in no problem. As long as it's not used as a naughty base, they use it for security. Really good idea. Your Puppy is a beauty. xx

  4. Hello Poppy aren't you a clever girl, please tell your human mummy that you are gorgeous. I love your bed and I'm glad that you have somewhere cosy to sleep and lots of nice toys to play with. Jaqui x


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