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Saturday, August 14, 2010

I thought I'd re-arrange my bedroom!

Do you remember how my humans bought me that lovely pink blanket when I first came home? Well, when I first see them in the morning and do my special little happy dance for them, oooh this is a bit embarrassing ......... well I do a little dribble, you know, like I'm only little and I can't hold it, especially when I get excited. So my mommy thought she'd save the nice pink blanket for when I'm a bit older and go back to the blanket I brought with me, the one which has my doggie mom's smell on. Well, actually it's been washed since then but it's that one anyway.

But that's got nothing to do with re-arranging my bedroom, I just thought I'd tell you that 'cos I'm sure you're wondering why I've got a yellow blanket now when I had a pink one before.

Anyway, after trying different positions like this:

I decided that the yellow one isn't as soft as the pink one so I thought I'd try and do something about it. Maybe shake it up a bit.

I was just about to start when what did I find? Well, just look at this!

Another blummin' cat! What is it here? Cats on mom's apron, cats on my blanket, and even a cat that lives here who despite all my efforts still doesn't really want to be friends.

So I pushed the yellow blanket out of the way with my nose, then tried to puff the cat one up a bit. I didn't get any help you know, they just sat there watching me struggle!

It was quite tiring, I had to have a little rest half way through:

(Sorry about the stuff on top, I've got gunky ears according to the vet so I've got some ear drops and cotton wool balls to wipe them clean.)

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

What d'ya think? I tried it out but I'm not so sure now.

Mommy says I'm a little bigger, do you think I've grown already? Or did she say something about a bug? I'm a little bug? No, can't be, I'm a puppy aren't I?

Gotta go now, it's nearly time for bed.


  1. Oh you are so adorable, you need to have words with your humans about the cats everywhere x

  2. I think you're going to have to tell your Mommy that you only want doggy things from now on. :) Jaqui x

  3. I hope my little PepPop Tiger pic doesn't upset you too much - I've just realised I'm putting pics of cats on your blog everytime I comment. Oops! Jaqui x


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