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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I had a bath this morning!

I didn't know what was coming but I really didn't expect that! Yes, I was a little bit mucky but I suppose I'm lucky. My sister Lottie has lived with her humans for two weeks and has had three baths - shock horror - and I've been here 11 days and it's my first. Do you want to see what it was like?

Mmmm, I wonder why they've put me in this sink? Oh hello, there's Auntie Ellen outside the window. "Hello Auntie Ellen, I'm in the sink."

Oh, I'm all wet. Nobody said this was going to happen.

Did you see that? Did you see it? To add insult to injury mommy was wearing an apron with cats on it. CATS!!!!! I ask you! I think she'll have to get one with dogs on don't you?

Eeeee, I'm all wet and soggy now:

Oh that's a nice dry towel. I'm in there somewhere, can you see me:

Daddy held the hairdryer while mommy brushed me. If I don't get dried with a hair dryer my fur goes into tight little curls and gets knotted up. I was really good while being dried. Mommy was very careful to brush from underneath and hold my fur back while she just brushed a little bit at a time. I didn't wriggle at all and I didn't moan and it only took a few minutes:

There! What do you think? Do I look lovely or do I look lovely? I smell rather nice too:

All done now! We can go and have a doggy choc for being good:

Yummy, nice choccy:

Time for a snoozle now 'cos that fair wore me out! What do you think? Can you see my nice fluffy coat?

I'm not sure which was worse, having my temperature taken or having a bath!

Bye, see you soon.


  1. LOL...You look like a cute little bundle of fluff again now!

  2. As the saying goes 'you've scrubbed up well' though I'm sure your mummy didn't really scrub you at all. I'm sorry to tell you, you'll almost certainly have more baths than temperatures taken so I think you'd best get used to them. x

  3. Awwww you gorgeous bundle of fluff xxx

  4. You're so fluffy. I love the pic where your mommy is holding you and you're looking straight at the camera, you look so cute. Jaqui x


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