PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a mucky pup!

Actually I was called a mucky pup scruff bag! Pretty good eh?

My ears are messy 'cos the gunk the vet said I had has been coming out all week. I think my coat's getting a bit long too and goes all wavy even though I have it brushed every day.

Anyway, now that my ear drops have finished and my ears are nice and clean inside my humans said I needed a bath to make me look better. Flippin 'eck, I only had one last week! So I sat there and was quite good but I didn't really like it, I shivered a bit just to let mom know I wasn't too happy. Anyway it was soon over and I got dried and brushed and now I'm clean again.

What do you think? I was very sneaky and went outside in the yard and found a leaf to play with to mucky up my mouth again - ha ha ha! My ears aren't still properly nice and fluffy, mom says it was hard to wash them properly.

I've got some new visitors coming to see me today and stay for a few days. Jessica and Jack are coming to see their nanny and grandad and their mommy is bringing them. It will be nice to see some new humans.

Gotta go now, giraffey wants to play. Thank you for coming. See you soon.


  1. See, I was right about having to get used to regular baths wasn't I? You look lovely & clean ready to be spoilt rotten by your visitors. Hope you have a lovely time with them.

  2. Oh don't you look all nice and fluffy after your bath! Jaqui x


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