PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Saturday, August 7, 2010

What's with this collar business?

Hello lovely people.

I've been at my new home a whole week now and I've decided I like it enough to stay here!

Because I am now going to bed without crying, and can go to the toilet in the tray or outside, today we tried something new. Not sure what to make of it, it was sort of fun. It only lasted five minutes and human mommy said we'd try again for a few minutes tomorrow 'cos it takes time. It's called collar and lead. Do you like my pink collar and lead? It's pink 'cos I'm a girl and it's my human mommy's favourite colour. It's also got little bones on it!

This is in our garden. My human mommy thought I was being very good:

Ha ha, fooled her:

Nope, I'm not moving:

That's enough for today, she said, so we went in and she took my collar off:

Then it was time for tummy tickles while I had a little chew on my chewy stick:

I've got a puppy Kong, it has little puppy biscuits in which I have to try and get out, it's lovely 'cos I can lick it but have to work hard to get the biscuits out the hole:

I usually am given this when Tilly the cat has her tea so that I don't bother her, she's still not very keen on me and wouldn't like me to get near her food.

It's all been such hard work, I was worn out and needed a sleep.

Thank you for coming, see you soon.


  1. I think you are gorgeous & it looks like your human mummy isn't going to have much time for crafting x

  2. I love your new pretty pink collar and the pic of you sleeping on your toy is just adorable. Jaqui x


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