PitaPata Dog tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm ticked off!

Seriously ticked off!

Get it? Ticked off - tick -ha ha! Can you see the tick just above my eye? I must have got that when I was running through the sand dunes yesterday. 'Cos Mom didn't know what it was (she thought it was a wart) I had to go to see Vet Lady today (she was ever so nice but I was dithering 'cos I was a bit scared). She got the tick out and it didn't hurt and she showed Mom how to get them out if I have any more. We got a special tick getter outer tool. I got some liver treats for being a good girl. I got weighed too. I now weigh 4kg, that's twice what I was when I came to live with my humans. Then we went a long walk by the river which was nice 'cos I'd not been before and there were lots of new smells for me, that was fun.

I haven't been to talk to you for ages have I? Did you miss me? I've missed you. Do you want to know what's been happening?

Well, we had to take my sister Lottie to get her hair cut. This is her before (Mom said she looked like a yeti!):

And this is her when she came back (I'm ignoring her, my chewy stick is more interesting):

It didn't take us long to scruff her up again:

I nearly forgot to tell you that I went to school a couple of weeks ago. Mom and Dad thought it would be nice for me to meet other dogs and to learn new things. I was a bit scared because there were about a dozen dogs there and there was only one my size, all the others were big dogs. We walked round in a circle, turned round and walked the other way. Then we practised sitting down. They didn't tell us we had to take a toy to throw and fetch so that didn't go too well. And I couldn't get the hang of 'Down' where you have to lie down on the floor. Mom and Dad didn't really like the lady very much, she expected us to know what to do without telling us even though we were new and she never smiled once all the time we were there. We don't like unsmiley people! Mom and Dad said we're not going back 'cos we're doing OK at home and I meet lots of doggie friends on the beach.

Anyway, I could already to Sit, Stay and Come and now Mom has taught me how to come back to a whistle. We go for a run on the beach or by the fields and as long as we're far enough away from the road I am let off my lead so I can have a little run on my own. Then Mom blows the whistle twice and I run back to her and get either some cheese or some liver. I get cheeky sometimes and just sit there and don't bother having a run on my own. I know Mom will blow the whistle eventually so I just sit there until she does then I can run and get a treat - good eh? I sometimes prefer to have my lead on anyway, it makes me feel safe.

Did I tell you I am now good at walking on my lead? I don't like my short lead but Mom now uses my extending lead and once that's on I'll walk. She keeps it short if we're by the road but when we're on the promenade or away from the road she lets the lead out and I can go and sniff where I like. I go for lots of walks but mainly on the beach, that's fun.

Would you like to see a picture of me smiling? Here you are:

'Scuse the mucky mouth. Oh, talking about mucky, my ears are a bit gunky again. Vet lady had a look today and said they looked a bit red inside and one was a bit stinky so I've got to have those ear drops again - yuk! I don't like having those. I have fluff inside my ears which has to come out (ouch!) and when I have my hair cut the lady does that for me, she couldn't do it all at once so she's doing it a bit at a time so's not to upset me.

I don't think I've got anything else to tell you this time. I'll try not to leave it so long next time. Please come back and see me again.

Sending you lots of slobbery licky kisses.

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