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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Hello again lovely peeps. I had to have my hair cut again today. I thought you might want to see this.

This was me this morning:

Then I went outside in the rain, only for a minute!

Wicked or what!!

So I went and had my hair cut and came back like this:

Do you think I look cute? Mom says I go to the hairdressers more often than she does!

I don't look quite that tidy now as Lottie has been here for a few hours while her humans went shopping and we did a lot of chasing each other around. We couldn't go out for a run on the beach 'cos it's been raining all day and really horrible.

That's all I've got to tell you today, just thought you'd like to see the photos.

Bye for now, sloppy kisses xxx

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