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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Spot the dog

Happy Christmas everybody. It's Christmas Day today and we're all going round to Lottie's house later on for our Christmas dinner.

Spot the dog. No, not Spot the dog because my name's Poppy but spot the dog. Can you see me? It snowed last week and we have lots of snow in the garden. I went out to see what it was like 'cos it's the first time I've seen snow.

I'll give you a clue. I'm behind the green plant pot, in front of the purple brussel sprout plant. (If you clicky on the picture it will go bigger, then if you clicky again it goes bigger still.) The snow was very soft and very cold and I liked eating it.

Here's me sitting in it:

Well, almost but not quite, it would have made my botty very cold I can tell you! 'Cos I've got such little legs my tummy got really wet.

I wasn't able to go and get my hair cut last week because of the snow so it's getting quite long again, but mom bathed me after I'd been out in the snow (I was a bit of a dirty Gertie, especially my tummy as it's so close to the ground) and she's brushing me every day so I look nice and fluffy.

This is me after I was bathed and brushed:

I haven't been able to go out for a walk 'cos there's lots of ice about and our house is on a slope and mom can't get down without slipping. The beach is all covered in snow too:

I'm looking forward to going back to the beach when the ice has gone.

I've been really good since I last wrote to you. I now walk nicely on my lead, as long as it's the long extending one but mom has to shorten it when we're walking by the road and then I walk by her. I even get all excited when mom gets her coat and shoes ready to go out, she said she never thought she'd see the day - ha ha! And I'm allowed off the lead to run on the beach because I've learnt to come back when I'm called or mom blows the whistle (there's usually a little treat for me when I go back!). I'm only allowed to run free when there are no other dogs about. I was really scared a few weeks ago, we were walking on the beach and I was on the lead and a naughty Jack Russell ran up and attacked me. Mom picked me up and we walked away and then further down from behind the sand dunes there was another Jack Russell that did the same. I was really scared and wanted to go home, I kept looking behind to make sure there were no more dogs and it took a few days for me to feel safe again.

I think I'll go now 'cos it's snooze time. Thank you for coming to see me. Please come back again.

Special Christmassy licky kisses to you.

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  1. Hello! I'd wondered where you were, it's good to hear about your exploits. I'm sorry you were scared on the beach by those naughty Jack Russells, they can be very aggresive, I hope you don't meet them again. x


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