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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Have you missed me, lovely peeps?

Helloooo humans and fellow doggies. Did you think I'd got lost? I know, I know. My silly Mom keeps forgetting to take the camera out when we go to the beach and the woods. She said she'll try harder so she took the camera today, only trouble is my regular doggie playmates weren't there - sad face!

So, what have I been doing? Not a lot really, you know I don't go very far in the car 'cos I's always sick but we've had lots of visitors ('cos Dad's poorly and we can't get to see them). Anyway, Mom and Dad's daughter Deborah is coming to see us as many weekends as she can and that's nice as she comes on our walks.

We've had some really warm weather and I don't like it very much, I get too hot and it makes me tired and I pant a lot. But I've got lots of water in my fountain which is nice. And you know that I live at the seaside and there's lots and lots of people here who only come for a little while and then go home again. I don't like this many people, it's too noisy and busy, and I get scared of the little people with short legs who go "Oooh, look at the little doggie". Mom says I have to be brave and just walk on but we don't go out in the middle of the day when all these people are around, especially when it's hot.

So when Mom gets up we go to the beach nearly every day and meet up with my three favourite friends - Tia (Samoyed), Sandy (Corgie/Terrier cross) and Holly (big cross breed). Tia barks when she sees me and we run towards each other and she says "Come on Poppy, lets go and play". Sandy loves his ball and when his mom throws it I can run faster and get to it first then I walk with in my mouth and go "Ha, ha, I got it now". Holly loves to go in the sea and I love to go in with her. When we were coming off the beach the other day there was a puddle, Tia went paddling so I went with her, the puddle came up to Tia's ankles and I stood beside her and the water came all the way over me - bit of a shock that was and Mom was like "Oh no Poppy, what a mess". Well, I was a bit like a drowned rat (a photo would be good wouldn't it - see, will have to get Mom trained better) and had to have a bath when we got home. I don't mind the bath really but I don't like the hair dryer and Mom says I have to be dried or my fur goes curly and tangled and that's not good.

We go out about 8 o'clock in the evenings when it's cooler and not so many people on the beach, but sometimes we just have a walk. Dad comes with us in the evening. The last few evenings we saw a horse, no a donkey, oh no, it was a Great Dane called Tyler. Crikey he was big. He bent down so we could sniff noses and his head was almost as big as me!!!! Anyway, we liked each other and then, as doggies do, he sniffed my botty and I went to sniff his and I couldn't reach, now that's not fair! Anyway, we played for a little bit and then he went back to his human.

Yesterday we went to the woods. That's only ten minutes in the car. It was lovely, all shady and cool and lots of different smells for me. It was very quiet, we only met two people who were walking and then a man and his big Labrador. I was plum tuckered out when we got back so I did a bit of this:

and this:

Do you like noses? My Mom likes noses so she took this:

Mom says I was at the back of the queue when they gave noses out 'cos Bichon noses should be black but mine has got a lot of pink. Lottie's nose is all black. Do you remember Lottie, she's my sister, well I'm not surprised she got a black one 'cos she's braver than me so she probably pushed to the front of the queue.

OK now, that's enough, go away and let me snoozle:

So today it's much cooler, we had some rain earlier on and then we went on the beach to see my friends. They didn't come this morning, I think we must have been too early. But I did meet up with Pip and her man Ian. They live on a boat and are here nearly all the time ('cept in the winter 'cos it's too cold then, they live in a caravan then). Pippa is nuts, she's a Springer Spaniel and she NEVER stops, always running around and barking, but she's nice to play with 'till she gets too rough.

This is me and Pip on the beach this morning:

And I came back when Mom called:

She said I was really good coming back 'cos I've been a bit of a bugga lately, that's 'cos I ran off and hid in the sand dunes and wouldn't come back when she whistled and called. She said she nearly had heart failure and that I mustn't do it again. I thought it was funny myself!

Then we went home and I did a bit of the old Zzzzzzzzzzzzz (I love a good snoozle):

The sand was a bit wet and Pip kept knocking me over so I got all damp and mucky, my fur needs brushing out when it's dry, it's quite curly now but I'll look like a cotton wool ball when I've been brushed. I wont keep it like that for long though, ha ha.

Mom says I seem to have a dose of verbal diary, erm..... diaree, erm.... diarooney, err, verbal poo (people keep leaving doggie poo on the beach, not nice is it, Mom says it's not nice when I eat it either!). Anyway she says I gotta go now.

I'll try to come back soon and remember to take photos.

Woofs and licky kisses to you all.


  1. Wow, sounds like you have lots of fun with your dog friends, it's nice to have friends isn't it. Love your pics, I've never seen inside a dog's nose before, lol xxx

  2. Hello Poppy glad to see your back telling us about all your adventures again. Love your pictures - you certainly look comfy when you snooze. Hugs. Jaqui x

  3. Hello! It's good to see you are having some fun outings. Think I'd prefer the woods to the beach as I don't 'do' sand but I must say your beach looks lovely. xx


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