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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holly made me do it - honest!

What an exciting morning I've had! We went to the beach and in the distance I could see Tia, she always comes running over to say hello so Mom let me off the lead and we ran off to play. I had my ball with me and let Tia play with it, then when she dropped it I picked it up and ran away with it and she would chase me. It was really good fun.

Then we saw Sandy and Frank so ran over to play with them. Frank got the ball then we were all playing together and running around.

Then out of nowhere Holly came. I haven't seen Holly for about 4 weeks so it was really nice. Do you remember me telling you what Holly's favourite thing is? THE SEA! So Holly got my ball and ran off to have a paddle (she's a big dog) and I ran after her (I'm little) and we were splashing about in the sea having a real good time. Holly got her feet wet, I got me wet! The others didn't join us, just me and Holly. Mom called me back (I went after a while, she had to call me a few times, ha ha!) but Holly stayed for a bit longer. When she got back she hadn't got my ball, she'd dropped it in the sea - boo hoo, I've lost my ball. Never mind, it's one I found on the beach anyway ha ha!

We all had another run around in the sand, that would have made a really nice photo but Mom didn't have the camera with her. Then Frank went to the shops with his Dad, Tia, Sandy and Holly walked along the prom to go home and Mom and I crossed the road, walked across the car park to our house.

Now I'm not sure why but Mom says I'm a Dirty Gertie (I don't get that 'cos my name's Poppy) and says when I am dry she's gonna have a job getting all the sand and tangles out of my coat. What do you think:

My bed's all wet and covered in sand, Mom put a couple of towels on it but I kept chewing them so she took them off again. I'm really tired now so I'm having a snoozle before Auntie Angie comes for a cuppa and a natter with my Mom. I get cuddles off Auntie Angie. I hope she likes wet cuddles!

Mom says I smell like wet dog. I'm not sure what she thinks I ought to smell like. She said something about going to the groomers at the end of the week as well. I don't know, the things we dogs have to put up with.

See you soon. Licky licks and wet kisses.


  1. Big kisses back at you. I don't blame you I love playing in the sea too. Maybe Gertie is your middle name ;) Jaqui x

  2. Awwww, sounds like a fabulous morning Poppy, so sorry about your ball, hope you find another one x

  3. What an adventurous morning! but what a shame you lost your ball, I hope you get another one soon. x


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