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Monday, September 26, 2011

Have you ever been to Hossypital?

My Dad is in the hossypital, he's been away for 6 weeks now and I miss him. He first went to the big hossypital but 3 weeks ago he came nearer home to the little one and I'm allowed to go and see him. I don't really like to go in the car but it's only 20 minutes away and when we get there I know the way to the room where he is and Mom drops my lead and I run into the room all excited.

We went today and me and Dad had cuddles:

He has to go back to the big hossypital tomorrow for some treatment and should be back on Thursday so I can go and see him again.

I've got some new shampoo and had a bath on Saturday 'cos I was real mucky and full of sand. Mom said I smelled delicious and my fur is all soft and shiney and she wouldn't let me go and play on the beach until Dad had seen me all clean and fluffy today. Anyway, I've had my tea and we're going out soon and Mom has promised me I can go and chase my ball on the beach - yippee!

I haven't got anything else to tell you this time, we haven't been anywhere very exciting but I'm hoping to go to the woods again soon. Oh, I did go to see the Vet Lady and she looked at me all over and made sure everything works properly then stuck a needle in my neck. Didn't hurt though and she said I was a really good girl - she didn't see what I brought up in the back of the car though!!!!!!!!! Not my fault, honest, the Vets is an hour away in the car and my tummy really, really doesn't like going for a long drive.

Gotta go now, Mom's waiting to take me to the beach.

Sloppy kisses X X X

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