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Thursday, May 31, 2012

I's really excited don'cha know

I's excited 'cos it's my burfday. I'm two today, yipee!

I got pressies. Do you wanna see?

My first pressie was Octopussy:

He's got lots of legs and they crinkle and tinkle and squeak and I can carry him around by his leg. He's really nice. Octopussy was off my Auntie Mari, she works in Save The Children and she gave Octopussy to Mom to wash for me and he's lovely.

Then I had Mr Leopard who was off Mom, he's got 19 squeakers. I do love squeakers, I press them with my nose and they make the most loveliest noise:

So I threw Octopussy out of my bed and put Mr Leopard in:

Mr Leopard is like Mr Lion who I had for my first birthday and I've loved him so much that he's a bit worse for wear:

I chewed his eyes off and his leg. Mom sewed his leg back on but then I chewed the other one but she says she'll sew that back on too. He's a bit mingy and needs a wash but in case he got damaged and didn't squeak any more Mom bought me Mr Leopard to play with.

It's been raining all day and I got bored so Mom gave me my last present this afternoon - a new stag bar. This one is different from my other one, this has been cut in half lengthways and the marrow is exposed:

Oooh, this is yummy. Time for some serious chewing:

I gotta go now, it looks like the rain has stopped for a while so me and Mom are going out for a walk. I bet I come back with a dirty wet tummy ha ha! I'll come back soon and tell you about my train ride to the Mawddach Trail, I've got some lovely pictures to show you.

Bye for now. Licks and kisses from Poppy x

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  1. Happy Birthday Poppy! My, you look to have grown! You've got some super presents there - I'd best not let my kittens see or they'll want presents like them on their birthday. I've just caught up on your post about your walk on Sunday too, it looks a lovely place to go, and it's very nice to read you haven't run off from your Mum recently. I'm looking forward to reading about your outing on the train. - 'Bye for now x


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