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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My train didn't have any diddly-dums!

You know when a train goes fast, and it goes diddly-dum, diddly-dum, well my train only went de-dum, de-dum. I think it's 'cos we didn't go very far, only one station and it only took four minutes so it didn't have time to reach diddly-dums. Anyway, it was nice and I really like going on the train. I sit on Mom's lap and look out of the window, sometimes we see sheep and maybe horses. This is on the train:

We have to go over the estuary then past some farm land. Then we got off the train, stopped to get me some water from the toilet block, then Mom put my long line on and off we went:

There were some horses behind those trees but they haven't shown up.

Mom called me back so I went to see what she wanted, I get a piece of sausage for doing what she asks me to, that's always good 'cos I like sausage treats, unless of course I'm doing something that is more interesting than sausage and is smelly then it's good to roll in it and ignore her, ha ha:

Then we walked over this little bridge with a big drop underneath it, Mom doesn't like going near the edge 'cos it makes her tummy flip but I don't mind:

Then I had to wait for some cyclists to go past and then carried on for a while:

We only have 50 minutes before the train comes to take us home so we turned round and walked back to the station:

I hope you like my pictures of The Mawddach Trail. It's about 9 miles long and there's a pub at the other end but Mom says my little legs wouldn't make it that far, nor would she! We just do the first part which is nice and shady on a hot day so that's better than being on the beach where there's no shade.  We go quite often when the weather is nice but we don't go when it's been raining 'cos the paths are really muddy then and I'd end up needing a bath and you all know what I think about them!

Talking of baths, we were on the beach at the weekend and guess what I found? No, not a shell or seaweed but a dead seal! It didn't have a head though, I wonder where that was. It was only a young one but ooooooooooh was it lovely and smelly and I just had to have a lovely roll on it. I was really enjoying myself when Mom looked back and saw what I was doing. She walked up to me and made me come away - why do humans have to spoil our fun??? Then she said "Poppy, you stink", well that was the point wasn't it! So we got home and I thought I'd got away with it until a bit later she sat by me and said "Phew, I can't put up with that smell any longer" so I had to have a bath. Worth it though, I did enjoy that roll!

I was exhausted after all that so I had to have a little snoozle:

Mom said I looked very relaxed. My hair looks a bit curly, Mom can't get it as fluffy as Julie my groomer. Do you like my snuggly fleece blanket, it's all mine, I don't share it with anyone!

Well, thank you lovely peeps for coming to see me and letting me tell you about what I've been doing lately. I'll come back soon when I've got something exciting to tell you.

Licky kisses, Poppy X X X

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