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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I had to have a noperation

Hello lovely humans. I haven't been to see you for aaaaages and Mom said it was about time.  We haven't done anything very exciting really. We still go to the beach most days but some days it's been so windy it's like a sandstorm. We don't go those days as I'm so low down near the ground the sand gets right in my eyes.  We go to the nature reserve instead and it's nice there.

Lots of people came for their holidays but the weather wasn't always nice. We've had a lot of rain and wind. I don't like lots of people. I have my special people who I love (especially the man at the kiosk where Mom gets her cup of tea, he always gives me a biscuit and a big fuss, and I think Auntie Angie is my favourite as she comes and doggie sits if Mom has to go out for more than a couple of hours). I don't like those short people with little legs who make a lot of noise (I think they're called kids), they scare me so I go and hide. Anyway, they've all gone home again now so it's back to normal and mostly people we know.

Now, I have to tell you I had a noperation. Mom found a lump on my neck and she got worried so we went to see the vet lady. She gave me some medicine but the lump didn't go away.  Then she stuck a needle in it and sent off for a test and it came back inconker inconclues errmmmmmmm they didn't know what it was.  So I had to go back again (crickey, all these train journeys, still I didn't mind 'cos I got a walk to another beach while waiting for the train back). Sian the vet said Mom could go and you know what? She left me there all day!!! I had a sleep and while I was asleep Sian did the noperation and took the lump out and sent it away for testing.  Mom and my bestest friend Angie came and picked me up later, I was so happy to see them, I didn't know who to wiggle my bum at first.  My lump had a really big name, Pilomatrixoma, but Sian said it meant it was a tumour growing from a hair follicle and when it was tested they said everything was OK.

This is where my lump was and I had four stitches:

And then so I didn't scratch it Sian said to put a band made from Mom's tights over it:

Can't say I was too keen on that so I tried to hide as best I could.

Seein' as I didn't like the band much Mom got me some baby bootees and put one on my foot so again I couldn't scratch, I tell you the itching was so not nice!

I ask you, how embarrassing is that! Good job I only had to wear it in the house.

Anyway, it's all better now and my fur is growing back, you can't see it though as my ear hides it.

This is what came for me the day after my noperation:

Lots of my lovely yummy food. There's some rabbits (yum), salmon chunks (yum again), tripe chunks, and different meats like duck, chicken, turkey, lamb, all yummy. And in the freezer there's pig's trotters and ears and a piggy tail plus lots of other things. Mom says I eat better than her and wishes she could feed herself for 40p a day! Well, I'm not sharing my yummy food stash, sorry Mom!

I've got one other thing to tell you about and that is Jessie Rescue.  Jessie came from Many Tears Rescue and she used to be a breeding bitch on a puppy farm. She is four years old and they said she may have had 8 litters.  This is Jessie the day she came:

She is very sweet and quiet and gentle. She has gone to live with my sister Lottie. Do you remember Lottie, she lives with Mom's son Neil and his family.  Sally the doodle doggie used to live there too but she had to go to Rainbow Bridge. They said good job Jessie was there or Lottie would have pined for Sally.

Well, Jessie settled in really well, she doesn't really know how to play but she's learnt how nice it is to live with a family who love her. She's another Bichon but a lot bigger than me and Lottie and she'd had her coat shaved right down but it's growing back now.  This is her a couple of weeks ago after she had a bath:

Mom says when her hair's grown she will look as pretty as me.  Lottie and Jessie go for walks together and to the beach and sometimes I go with them too.

I think that's everything I have to tell you this time. Mom's calling me. We have to go out for a walk now, just enough time to get a nice long walk in before it gets dark. We might even get to the beach again.

Thank you for coming to visit.

Wiggly bums and licky kisses

Poppy X

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